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is a customized CollectionWorks software product. This software is designed specifically for third party collection agencies. This software has been evolving since 1995 and incorporates all functionality needed to manage today’s modern collection agencies. Currently, the software is automating collection agencies and collection departments around the globe.


  • Electronic import capabilities from most client file formats
  • Complete client management with all features necessary to manage client base including all trust accounting
  • Complete debtor management features with all necessary functionality to allow for proper queuing of accounts to follow up, changing account status, setting promises, tracking promises, scheduling payments, ordering letters, documenting permanent notes, etc.
  • Document imaging module allowing images to be scanned into the system and attached to an account
  • Ability to go to any internet site, capture information and attach to debtor
  • Unlimited reporting capabilities throughout all areas of the system
  • Ability to interface to many different dialer systems
  • Electronic interface to all three credit reporting agencies
  • Unlimited ability to add clients, debtors, employees, letters, statuses, etc.
  • Ability to load delinquent accounts to web dialer by any criteria for either inbound call acceptance or message dispatch to debtor and then update debtor records from dialer results file electronically

Our Clients
Collection Works Product Results

Advance Bureau of Collections
Ken French, Office Manager

Brown Agency
Teena Brown, Owner

Collection Bureau of Ft. Walton Beach
Jody Benson, Collection Manager

Medical & Business Bureau
Susan Bennet, Owner

Southeastern Account Services
Sharlene Underwood, Owner

Union Credit Corporation
Steve Fink, Owner

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