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CollectWorks' Ed-Collect, powered by CWX, is a customized CollectionWorks software product. Software designed specifically for educational institutions to help collect your past due accounts before sending them to a collection agency. This enables you to maintain control of your accounts for a longer period insuring the proper handling of your students and their parents. Perhaps the best benefit is the realization of a great deal of additional revenue instead of the expense incurred paying collection agency fees. Software can be installed in-house or run over the internet.


  • Electronic interface to your student billing system
  • Electronic updating of demographic information
  • Electronic updating of all payments and adjustments
  • Accounts are maintained by department
  • Accounts are sorted by specific status
  • Accounts are queued for proper follow up
  • Ability to send letters to reinforce verbal commitments
  • Ability to set up payment arrangements and have them tracked
  • Ability to load delinquent accounts by any criteria to web dialer for either inbound call acceptance or message dispatch to account holder
  • Powerful reporting capabilities by department
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