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CollectionWorks’ Med-Collect, powered by CWX, is a customized CollectionWorks software product. Software designed specifically for the healthcare industry to help pre-collect your past due accounts before sending them to a collection agency. This enables you to maintain control of your accounts for a longer period insuring the proper handling of your patients. Perhaps the best benefit is the realization of a great deal of additional revenue instead of the expense incurred paying collection agency fees. Depending on the size of your organization our software can be installed in-house or run over the internet.


  • Electronic interface to your patient billing system
  • Electronic updating of patient demographic information
  • Electronic updating of all patient payments and adjustments
  • Front end programs assign accounts to appropriate status based on criteria defined by collection manager
  • Front end programs assign accounts to collectors based on criteria defined by collection manager
  • Front end programs order letters and emails based on criteria defined by collection manager
  • Automated programs print letters and sends out email notices
  • Patient accounts are maintained by department
  • Patient accounts are sorted by specific status
  • Patient accounts are queued for proper follow up
  • Ability to send patient letters to reinforce verbal commitments
  • Ability to set up payment arrangements and have them tracked
  • Ability to load delinquent accounts by any criteria to web dialer for either inbound call acceptance or message dispatch to patient
  • Powerful reporting capabilities by department
  • Automated programs to manage outside collection agencies once in-house efforts are exhausted or deemed unprofitable
Our Results
Collection Works Product Results

Our first introduction to CollectionWorks was on 5/29/03 through an internet search engine. We were so impressed with the CollectionWorks "Med-Collect" in-house collection software that we purchased the software and began using it on 8/13/03. Our previous collection methods were cumbersome and hit or miss. We were working off paper reports and were lucky if we collected a few thousand dollars each month. We are currently collecting an average of $200,000.00 /month. The system is very user friendly and enables us to work accounts in a much more consistent manner as well as allowing for much greater efficiency. We are also impressed with the level of support we receive from all the CollectionWorks staff. We have very few system problems, but when we do, they are solved quickly. My staff and I would NEVER consider giving up this product.

Linda Stuckey
Director, Revenue Recovery Department
Tuomey Hospital System

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